Authorization to Transport (ATT) if impacted by wildfire evacuation orders


For anyone who may be impacted by wildfire evacuation orders, please see the enclosed advice from the Chief Firearms office on Authorization to Transport (ATT):-

Regarding the wildfire situation;

For individuals and their families affected by the rapidly changing situation involving wildfires and evacuation orders, the NS Chief Firearms Office is waiving the requirement to obtain an ATT to move restricted/prohibited firearms. Please ensure you get yourself and your family to safety. Transport your firearms as necessary (and safely), and once at a safe location, please contact our office to advise of the firearm(s) location so we can keep our records accurate.

The best way to contact our office is via email:

Our phone is 902-424-6689. Fax is 902-424-4308.

Thank you,
NS CFO Staff

Any questions or comments to the Firearms Office as above.