Range approvals

I would like to update you all on a significant achievement for our club.
After many months (years in fact) of working through the recertification process with the Chief Firearms Officer (CFO), we have now received full approval for all of our ranges. This was discussed at our last Members’ Meeting which many of you were unable to attend.
The indoor range was originally approved in February of last year (2023) but recently amended to include Pistol Calibre Carbines.
The shotgun ranges (Skeet, Trap, Sporting Clay, Future 5 Stand, Patterning Board) were approved recently in May.
The 100 yard range was approved late last week. The CFO has placed some restrictions on the use of the outdoor range which are currently being evaluated. An initial review indicates only two restrictions that may impact general use of the range. They cover the use of steel targets and the closing time of this and all other ranges (1/2 before dusk).
Until the concerns raised by the CFO are addressed to his satisfaction, steel target use is prohibited on the 100 yard range. The CFO has suggested a path forward to allow the use of steel targets which the Executive are actively working through.
Club rules and procedures will now be updated to include any limitations and accurately reflect the approvals.
If you have any questions or concerns about the above, please contact your section chair or email me at president@rodandgunclub.ca
My thanks to all who supported delivery of this important milestone for the Lunenburg Rod and Gun Club.
Alan Collins
President – LRGC