Membership Categories & Dues

Our current Club Membership classifications are as follows:

Junior – Age 12 to 18, or over 18 and under parental care (living at home) & enrolled in an accredited learning facility.
$77.00 After 31st December

Senior – Age 19 and up.
$135.00 After 31st December

$1745.00 After 31st December

Family – The Family Membership Fee is based on one Senior Membership plus 1/2 of the Current Dues for each dependent (in their respective category) desiring membership in the Club. All family members have to live under the same roof, and only one vote per family at all meetings.

Corporate/Associate – The Fees for this category will be developed by the Executive on an individual basis per submission.

You can download the  Membership Form here.

Questions can be emailed to:

Benefits of Membership:

  • A safe and legal place to shoot your guns
  • Organized fun shoots and competitions
  • Regular shooting hours
  • Comfortable club house with kitchen
  • Reduced cost on birds, shells, and reloading supplies
  • Safe gun handling instruction
  • Shooting instruction
  • 5 million dollars liability insurance

The insurance policy which we have purchased from the National Firearms Association covers each individual belonging to the Club for 5 million dollars in liability coverage.

Each individual of the Club is covered for the following anywhere in Canada or the Continental United States:

  • All legal hunting activities
  • All legal bow hunting activities
  • All legal range shooting activities
  • All legal range archery activities
  • All legal fishing activities