Information Sheet and Club Vacancies


At the Annual General Meeting (12th December 2023), the schedule for regular members’ meetings was agreed – see the enclosed sheet which also contains the Board/Executive members list, weekly shooting schedule details and other handy contact information.

You will note that there are two Board positions vacant, that of Club Secretary and Archery Section Chair. We also need one of our members to fill the role of Membership Officer, a key support role to the Secretary. On behalf of the Club and its Board, I would like to send huge “thank you” to Michael Duggan who filled the Membership Officer role for many years.
I have included some role descriptions to give you an idea of what’s required. Simply put, our club cannot function without volunteer support. Please review the details and contact me directly if you have any questions or are in any way interested in taking on one of the roles.
One final point. Several months ago, the Club purchased an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) which is installed in the clubhouse. Richard Joudrey has already conducted a training session in the AED use. If any member would like to receive training on this potentially life saving device, please contact me at the email address below.
Any other comments, questions or responses to
Alan C.
Role Descriptions
SecretaryThe Secretary is an officer of the club (with financial signing authority) and a key member of the Board. This role has responsibility for the preparation and custody of all books and records (except those administered by the Treasurer) including the minutes of members’ meetings; the minutes of directors’ meetings; the register of members (maintained through a dedicated membership focal point); filing the annual requirements with the office of the Joint Stocks Registrar.

The Club Secretary also periodically collects and distributes mail, prepares and issues any recurring letters to MODL and renews any association memberships as required. The Secretary works closely with the President, Treasurer and Membership focal point and attends all club meetings (or arranges a deputy from within the Board if unavailable).

Membership Officer

Duties include maintaining the current membership data base; adding new members; emailing the membership; creating reports from the database as required; answering general membership questions as needed; printing and mailing of membership cards. This role works very closely with the Secretary in a support function but is not a Board position. Remote working is possible. No work with money is required.

Archery Section Chair

This role leads a group of volunteers to organize and run scheduled archery practices both indoor and outdoor for the benefit of members and guests. As a member of the Club Board, the archery chair has input on all aspects of club operation and represents the specific needs of the archery section. Is responsible for, and maintains/modifies, the Archery elements of the club Operating Policy.