The Outdoor Range


Thanks to you for coming out to play today. We had room for 30, I was hoping for 8 and we had 9. You all said you had a good time so I hope to repeat it again in September or October. There seemed to be quite a bit of interest but with bad timing so I hope this continues. Feel free to come show us what you got on Sunday mornings and get some trigger time in.
Those who shot in the morning had to deal with a bit of fog. Those on the second relay a bit more wind. The only difference between first and last is a poorly timed shot when the wind picks up.
Here are the final results from today in inches
Wayne .71
Swanjte .97
harvey 1.02
Paul 1.02
david 1.05
james 1.21
kevin 1.35
murray 1.52
john 2.53
Anyone who did not come out because they thought they could not compete should take a look at the scores. Guns on the line were savage, cz, anschutz, walther, both heavy barrels and light barrels.Scope minimum used was 9x. Any gun can shoot it, any gun can win it.
Attached is Wayne with the coveted, one of a kind, one holer trophy.
This was Swanjte’s first match, and she has only been shooting for about a year and came in 2nd. Right gun with the right ammo with the right person behind the trigger and look what can happen.
I had no rules in place for ties (did not think it could happen today) but Harvey and I did it. I will fix that for next time.
Now get out there and have some rifle fun.