The Outdoor Range


LRGC Reopening of Outdoor Ranges


Following discussions with other local sports organizations (Lunenburg Golf Club, Yarmouth and Weymouth Shooting Clubs), we are reopening our outdoor ranges for scheduled and unscheduled use.

As long as provincial travel rules are in place, we would request that members respect those. I have extracted the following from the provincial website today to guide our activities.

People can participate in outdoor recreational activities (like golfing, fitness classes, tennis and bootcamps) hosted by fitness and recreation businesses and organized clubs. The gathering limit is up to 5 people maximum or multiple groups of 5 people each with a minimum physical distance of 2 metres (6 feet) between participants and groups during activities.
For any organized practices, as before, pre-registration will be necessary. Initial details are as follows:


Sporting Clay practice will resume on Saturday 29th May, 1000 am; preregistration with Jason Bartlett before 8pm Friday, text to 902 523 4343.

Skeet/trap practice restarts on Tuesday 1st June, 3 pm and 6 pm; preregistration with Len Haughn before 8pm Monday, text to 902 541 0898.


Rifle practice restarts Sunday 30th May, 0930 am; preregistration with Pierre Dubreuil before 8pm Saturday at


Handgun outdoor practice restarts Monday 31st May, 5:45 pm; preregistration with Ian Freeman at by 8 pm Sunday. Further details on additional handgun practices will come from the section leadership in the days ahead.

For any general questions or replies, contact Otherwise contact your section leaders as detailed above.


Alan Collins, on behalf of LRGC Executive.