Weather permitting, we would like to resume outdoor Sunday morning rifle practice from 9:30-11:30am on May 31st 2020, on a trial basis for members only. (please do not bring a guest) The following process will be in place until further notice.

Strict “social distancing” rules would apply and would be enforced by the acting Range Safety Officer.

– All shooters must register in advance so we can manage numbers. Registration is required by 8pm on Saturday and can be done by emailing the club at

– All registered shooters are asked to not arrive at the range any earlier than 09:15

To To reduce the chance of exposure, ALL sign-in and sign-out will be done by Range Safety Officer

– Hand sanitizer will be on site for those who wish to use it

– No more than four (4) active shooters at any time

– If more than 4 shooters attend, the excess over 4 will have to wait in their vehicles for their turn to shoot. We will rotate shooters every 2 targets or at the discretion of the RO

– Outdoor Range will be open on Sunday morning for rifle shooters only

– Some new Range Safety rules/commands will be used to further enhance safety for social distancing

– When the shooter has completed his firing and has been asked to step back to allow the RSO to inspect the chamber for empty condition, they must be sure to provide enough space to meet the social distancing requirement of 2 m

– Shooters using the range are required to take appropriate steps to disinfect their shooting station prior to final departure.

– Face masks and gloves may be worn if you desire but you will have to bring them with you and take them with you when you leave