Hello everyone:

It has been a year now since I jumped into Nona’s big boots to take over the Membership duties for the Club.

I don’t know if many Members know how much time and effort Nona spent meticulously  looking after the Membership portfolio but I have come to know first hand how well she looked after the Club database details while I have been trying to learn how to do the job.

The Club Membership program is quite a challenge at times – Bill Gates had no part in it.

It has taken me many many hours to learn how to program it to send out the latest mass mail-out with automatic program generated invoicing detailing the new dues allocated properly to each Member.

Because of recent upgrades to the program, I couldn’t use much of what Nona used other years  for notices and had to write the form letter from scratch plus get the program to fill in the account details for 330 Members automatically on the form letter.

By now every Member in the Club should have a copy of this letter in hand and can find their renewal details ok plus have read all the important notes.

A special thanks to all the new Members that prepaid 2016 to secure their ATT’s for taking the time and trouble to send to me a scanned copy of their membership card along with their emailed mail-out to demonstrate to me that the program presented their account details correctly.

If you have a 2016 card in hand and have a zero balance showing on your Renewal details – you are paid up for 2016 and we are not asking you to pay more and certainly no late fees.

It is important that everybody send in the completed 2016 Membership Renewal form by mail or online so that your Membership information can be checked for accuracy on the database.

It is a hard to read a lot of the forms plus many times there is information missing/wrong  such as birthdays, expiry dates, addresses, etc and having the latest form allows for a means to pick up the right data.

There are many Members that have not updated their information for years!

A list of Members in good standing is sent to the Department of Justice every month that we get new Members plus this year we will be sending to them the list of expired Members after January 31, 2016.

Thank-you everyone for your extreme patience while I work at this and I will continue tweaking the program/form letters to get it the best I can for you all.


Michael Duggan – LRGC Membership