Nova Series – Second Shoot at LRGC, Sunday 21st May. Volunteers needed

As many of you know, we held our scheduled shotgun event at LRGC on Sunday 7th May. We had 125 participants (an unusually high turnout) on a beautiful day and our shoot went extremely well. The machines that we have been purchasing over the last few years held up and ran almost flawlessly through the day.

The next scheduled Nova event was to be at AVSSC, Kentville on Sunday 21st May. Unfortunately, they have had to cancel their shoot at short notice. The business model for the Nova Series requires four shoots; long story short, LRGC offered to put on a second shoot on the 21st May and our offer was accepted on Sunday night.
There are still slots available for the shoot for anyone interested (go to the Bayside website and book yourself or a squad – link here

In the next 12 days, we will be putting together a different course and making arrangements to run the event. Unfortunately, we will have to close the 100 yard range again on the weekend of 20th and 21st May – apologies to those members who use the range. A reminder of this will be posted a few days beforehand.
We are looking for volunteers to help run our event on Sunday 21st May by filling machines. The Riverport Fire Brigade did a tremendous job of this last Sunday but we need help from our members this time round. If anyone can volunteer some time to help on Sunday, 21st May, please email or

Many thanks,
On behalf of the Shotgun Committee